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Up early for a Sunday. I was able to snag some of my favorite Amazon Turk HITs (tasks) this morning. I completed 145 at 2 cents a pop, which will get me almost $3. Once I rack up another $7, I can deposit the money into my bank account.

I’ve got 2 folks lined up from Craigslist to stop by this afternoon, plus another gal after work tomorrow. I’m hoping they buy at least $20 worth of stuff. I realized I still have to come up with enough money (~$24) to mail my water bill in this week, so that’s another damn thing to worry about. Still have no idea how I’m going to scrape up the money to pay my $75 IRS installment for this month. I’ll just have to deal with that after I get rent and electricity paid off.  Which reminds me, I got my next electricity bill in the mail the other day (due around the 8th, which I’ll wind up paying late) and it’s almost $175!  Dammit!  I know it’s from running the heater, which I try to turn down while I’m at work during the day. Part of the problem is that the heater went out a few months ago and the apartment complex had issues fixing it (needed a new compressor or something). So they told me to switch over to the “emergency heat” setting, and they gave me a space heater to use as well. When I’ve tried to switch back to regular heat, it doesn’t seem to work well, so I’ve kept it switched onto emergency. Doesn’t seem to really kick in until I push it to 74 or so, which is several degrees higher than I normally run it during the winters. I need to call the office and find out what the deal with the heater is, because this shit is costing me a fortune.  I’ve considered asking them to pitch in for part of my electricity bill, but I doubt that will fly, since there’d be no way to prove how much extra this stuff is costing me. I wonder if they’d consider shaving a few bucks off my rent at least?  Might as well ask them…couldn’t hurt.

At least spring is around the corner, and I can go back to shutting off my heater and opening the windows whenever possible.

I’ve got all my housework still to do today, but first, I’m crawling back into bed for a few hours…


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The MOACA finale was great!  I wonder how long I’ll have to wait for the next season to begin. *waaa*

Thought I’d give an update on the status o’ my finances, based on this week’s spending and next week’s incoming moolah:

I started off with $15.67 in my bank account as of this morning. I stopped off at the gas station for 2 packs of cigs (5.98) and $2 in gas before my gig at the non-profit. On the way home, I was jonesing for something sweet to eat with the pot of coffee I planned to make, so I stopped at the Wal-Mart neighborhood market store and picked up a box of 4 iced honey buns made by their “Mrs. Freshley” brand. Total was 1.08, but I used some of my remaining change so the total charge to my bank was only 77 cents. By the way, I ate 2 and they were pretty good, albeit a bit unsoft (rather tasty after 10 seconds in the microwave). But they’re cheaper than Little Debbie, and it’s nice to know I have an even less expensive alternative for snacks when the mood hits. I indulge on little treats when I can, so as not to go batshit crazy with all this budgeting.

Speaking of indulgence, after finishing that pot of coffee and the MOACA finale, I was in the mood for something else. Being Saturday night after a long-ass week of work, I checked my bank balance: $6.97. Just enough for my ideal splurge — a 12 pack of beer. I debated back and forth about spending the money and running out again, but I finally decided “screw it.” Grabbed the dog since he needed a walk any way, and we buzzed over to the convenience store. I was hoping I could use up the rest of my change (40 cents or so) then put the rest on my card, but they were unable to take 2 different forms of payment, so I put it all on my card, knowing I had enough to cover the $6.35 charge.  My bank balance is now 57 cents, plus a handful of pocket change.  I sure to like to push it right to the limit, don’t I?  Luckily, my bank doesn’t charge if my balance is too low and I normally get very squeamish about having that little in my account.  I think my record low (several years ago) without causing an overdraft was 11 cents.

So, I have 57 cents in the bank and 40+ cents in change (too lazy to count pennies right now).  I owe $730 for rent + $164.42 for electricity in SIX DAYS, for a grand total of $894.42.  So I’ve got the 42 cents covered at this moment…now watch how I plan to accomplish paying these two bills off:

  1. Paycheck from temp job direct deposited Tuesday 3/2, 35.25 hours x $~6.93 after taxes = $244.28
  2. Paycheck from non-profit work to arrive Tuesday or Wed, 7.75 hours x $12 (still not sure if taxes will be taken out or not, but let’s knock off a few bucks just in case) = ~$80+
  3. Cleaning advance check, to be received Friday, 4 cleanings for March x $40/ea = $160
  4. Cash advance loan for $175, to be taken out Thursday (payback amount will be 205.xx in 2 weeks)
  5. Float!  Paycheck from temp job direct deposited 3/9 (hopefully before rent & electricity hit), ~$240
  6. Total: $899.28 (!!!)
  7. Which would leave me with 5 bucks leftover for the next 2 weeks to buy food, gas, and whatever else.

This is where my  sales from Craigslist and Half Price Books come in, not to mention another possible $10 accrued on Amazon Mechanical Turk within a few weeks.  If I can get a few CL people over in the next week, we’re looking at anywhere from $5 – $75 in possible sales. Selling books, CDs, videos and cassettes to Half Price will garner between $5 – $40, depending on how much I load up in the trunk and what the items are. So far, I’ve made nearly $100 selling items to them over the last couple months (4 different trips over there after work, which wasn’t bad, since it was very close to the non-profit).

Other ways to make extra money include asking my neighbor if she needs help cleaning & organizing again (last time I helped her out for two hours, she paid me $22), plus the few dollars I’ll get from recycling and selling 4 DVDs to a pawn shop on that end of town (they take DVDs in cardboard cases for 50 cents each, whereas the other place doesn’t). I still have about 15 or so DVDs in plastic cases I could sell to the “other” place for $1/ea if things get absolutely bone dry and I need a few bucks in a flash. However, I’d rather sell them to Second Spin and make a bit more if I’m going to part with the rest of my collection…the only downside it takes about 2 weeks turnaround to get the money.  Aside from that, pulling stuff out for eBay sales is another possibility. Although, I’m not sure I can get my camera software working with Firefox, so that could be a wee snag (and I have no idea where I put the battery recharger, which is really unlike me — the camera and the recharger always get placed next to each other wherever I leave them, except this particular time. Grrrr.)

At this point, if I can get through this next grinding round of bills by the 5th, I’ll reassess for the coming weeks. The whole problem with all this is that I can never get caught up enough to see the light at the end of tunnel. Borrowing from a cash advance place is not a good idea, but considering the alternatives (i.e. borrowing from my brother), it’s pretty sweet. I will elaborate on the deal with my brother in future posts. I can’t borrow any more from mom (she helped me out greatly last year when I lost my job, plus she’s on a fixed income), my dad’s in the same boat financially, and my brother is a raging dickhead.  I actually can’t wait to dish out the goods on him. One reason I started this new blog was so I could talk about him and other family issues without repercussions. My former blog (much more humorous) was known by my sister-in-law, which was fine when I was just shooting the shit, joking around, or bitching in general, but as far as family stuff went, I had to watch whatever I said.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever give this blog address to anyone I know (even close friends). I’m enjoying the anonymity for the moment. And while I’m not discussing anything they would find upsetting or shocking, my main fear is that they would find it tedious and boring. I’m usually much more entertaining. While I will throw in some funny shit now and again, I don’t have to worry about an audience that’s hoping for laughs.  Of course, at the moment, I’ve received zero page views, so it’s rather a moot point. On one hand, I love that no one but ME knows about this site, but it’s also slightly depressing. I guess I’m anxious for some feedback by now, and not from a total idiot saying “u suck” either.

Anyhoo, I’m going to run along for now. But I wanted to point out I hate that WordPress considers certain “big” words to be “complex expressions.” For example, in a previous post I used the word “accompany” and it suggested I use “go with.” In this post, it suggests I replace “accomplish” with “carry out.” WTF?  Do we really want to dumb down an already dumbed down society?

Nighty night for now…

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I have returned from my Saturday work stint. I only managed to log 1.75 hours because the project was quite small. All told, I put in 7.75 hours there this week at a rate of $12/hour, which is $93 pre-taxes. To quote Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, “blergh.”  Wait…now that I think of it, she mentioned for simplicity sake she can run this bit of work on a contractor basis (instead of temporary payroll), which means I don’t think they will deduct for taxes, and I won’t have to report it next year, unless I make over $600 working for them as a contractor. Hmmm. I don’t know. At any rate, she’s going to cut a manual check for me on Monday (yay!) and mail it so I should have it by mid-week. She said she would prefer not to do it that way unless I really needed it. I told her I didn’t want to cause a hassle, but I had rent due next week and it would be a lifesaver getting the money a few days early.  She said not to worry about it. As far as additional work for them, she said it would probably be another couple of months before anything came down the pipeline, but she’d let me know if something else cropped up in the meantime.

I must say it feels strange having the rest of today (and tomorrow) to myself. Aside from Craigslist people stopping by tomorrow and few housecleaning tasks I need to do (laundry, vacuuming and putting dishes in the dishwasher), I’ve got nothing on my plate and it feels divine.

I think I’m going to treat myself to watching the season finale of Men of a Certain Age (MOACA, as I abbreviate it) on the TNT website. I cancelled cable last fall to cut expenses, so with the switch to digital TV last year, I can’t get any channels.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, I strongly encourage you to check it out.  Nice range of light comedy and drama, and I’m quite impressed that Ray Romano is actually a very good actor. Of course, he did a great job in Everybody Loves Raymond, but it was the usual comedian-turned-sitcom-star type acting.  This new show is a nice blend of situations and characters anyone can relate to — nothing too over the top.

Another show I watch online that I’ve gotten hooked on is Caprica (the prequel to Battlestar Galactica). I never watched BG, aside from a few episodes I ran across on TV ages ago, but I’m really interested in seeing that whole show from beginning to end now. The nice thing about Caprica is that you don’t need to have seen BG to understand it, although BG fans will find lots of little fun nuggets of info along the way (so I’ve been told by a BG fanatic).

Off I go to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

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I decided to skip the recycling center this morning, after discovering my Amazon Mechanical Turk payment of $10.60 landed in my account, bringing my balance to over $15. Yay! Plus, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with possible slick back roads. I’ll go next weekend, hopefully when I have more fuel in my tank.

I’m having a cup of coffee at the moment, then I’ll hop in the shower and head out to work at the non-profit this afternoon. Earlier I emailed some interested Craigslist folks to see if anyone wanted to swing by to have a look tomorrow. One reply so far, so hopefully she’ll buy something to help get me through till Tuesday.

I checked my account on Associated Content (so far I’ve published 4 articles since September) and it seems I finally garnered another 1,000 page views to get a performance payment next month. It’ll only be around $1, but I’m still pleased. I’ve meant to write more articles, but it’s a bit of a time-consuming process with many factors to consider. For example, locating supporting articles, doing research (if needed), placing “hot” keywords to help boost search engine queries, coming up with good tags, creating a summary, finding a decent photo to accompany the article from free image sites, promoting the piece, etc. I know with more practice the process will go faster (some folks can bang out 10 articles in a day). It’s probably best for me to set a goal to produce one new article in the next few weeks, which could potentially earn me anywhere from $2-$4 for an upfront payment. I’m itching to write something new, now I just need to figure out what I want to write about. It will probably be personal finance related, considering my current state of mind. Perhaps something devoted to finding part-time work. We shall see.

I’m off to hit the work trenches. With any luck, I’ll hit that 4 hour goal!

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What a friggin’ week. I just got home from my cleaning stint. The owner was there, wrapping up a phone call, when I came in after 5 pm. Before he left, he mentioned that the manager “salvaged my job.”  Apparently, they are merging offices/services with the company next door, and when the subject of housekeeping came up, the manager said they were happy with the cleaning service they’d recently hired (i.e. me), so the other company said that was perfectly fine and agreed to keep me on. But I guess that means the woman who cleans their offices will be out of a job (doesn’t exactly sound like they fought for her though). Although, I’m sure that the fact I only charge $40 per cleaning may have been a consideration as well.

I took the opportunity to tell him that I would still love to come back and do office work if they needed it (thru the temp agency), or even just a few hours here or there on a weekend or nights as a contractor if something came up. He said I’m at the top of his list (along with my fellow former temp co-worker Carla, whom I adore) and will definitely keep me in mind should another big project fall on their plate.

Although it’s not fun to go from office job straight to a cleaning gig on a Friday night, I find that once I get there I rather enjoy it. I especially love seeing the sunset through the kitchen window as I noodle around.  When I’m finished, I have an immense sense of satisfaction. I’m still rather proud of myself for “creating” this job.

In other part time job news, I was asked to skip coming in Thursday and Friday at the non-profit, but I’m going in tomorrow after 12:30. I have no idea how long I’ll be there, but I’m hoping for at least 4 hours of work (which would push my total to 10, which after taxes, should net me around $100).  Prior to that, I have plans to head to the recycling center to drop off aluminum and steel cans, plus various pieces of scrap metal I’ve collected over the last couple months. I’m hoping to get at least $5, which I know doesn’t sound like much, but considering I have only $5 in my bank account at the moment, it will be a big help.

My gas tank is hovering on empty and I used up most of my spare change ($3.13) to buy a small bag of dog food for Buddy on the way home tonight. I knew I was getting low, but thought I had about a cup left for him for today. I poured out the contents of the last bag which amounted to about 4 kibbles and a bunch of kibble dust. Oops. So, I ripped up some tortillas for him to nibble on while I was at work.  Luckily, he normally doesn’t eat much during the daytime, so I wasn’t terribly worried. He was happy to see me open a fresh bag o’ kibbles tonight though and munched heartily after his walk.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I’ve been switched to a new project at work as of yesterday afternoon. Now, I’m actually USING A COMPUTER, and working on matching up scanned documents with their respective member accounts. Pretty easy work, plus I have my own cube now, bordered by an infrequently used hallway with windows. This means not only can I glance out for a nice view every now and again, but people aren’t always walking by my desk.  My supervisor (Lance) is very nice, doesn’t bug me (he only checked on me once today), and is several cubes away. I come and go as I please for coffee, breaks or whatnot. Of course, I make sure to keep my breaks within the alloted time frame and such, but it’s nice to know that I don’t have someone monitoring my every move. Additionally, he told me that I could listen to music or whatever, so after he trained me on the system yesterday, I decided to see if I was able to get access to my favorite radio station (the cool oldies one) online. I’d been told by my former co-worker that internet access was very restricted (didn’t matter since I never wound up using a PC in that office anyway), so I was expecting to be blocked. But, I was able to surf to it with no problems, except for the fact that Flash wasn’t updated. I installed a new version, but it still didn’t work. I was hopeful that perhaps it might work after firing it up this morning, and it did!  So happy I had my headphones in my tote bag. I know it’s a small thing, but being able to listen to great music (at whatever volume I want) without disturbing anyone or dealing with radio static is such a huge bonus for me. And now that I have my own little space, with more tolerable work, I’m much happier.

Of course, the one big problem that remains is how low my pay is. I am going to call my agency rep on Monday and see if she can talk to them and score me an extra buck more an hour (at least) since I’ve switched to a different project using a “higher” skill set. However, since the little misunderstanding between those two a few weeks ago, I don’t have a lot of faith this will go over well. I’m sure this place will argue it’s still a job in the $8 range and blah blah. Then again, I plan to tell my agency to tell them (if they disagree) that I simply cannot work a long-term (or temp to perm) assignment for $8/hour. A few weeks or so is one thing, which is what I was originally told it would be. So we’ll see how that all goes down. All I can do is ask.

And as far as goals reached, I managed to pay off the $58 to the cash advance place yesterday. Nothing else can really happen until I get paid next Tuesday. In the meantime, I’ll just try to scrape up a few dollars to get me by. Depending on how tomorrow goes, I might set up more appointments for folks from Craigslist to come by on Sunday (if anyone is still interested/available). Otherwise, I’ll try to scatter some appointments throughout the week nights.

Alright, that’s enough outta me for tonight. I’m hitting the sack early again, like I did last night. Wish me sweet dreams!

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I realize I am using the phrase “booya” much too much lately, but BOOYA, I don’t care.  Today was day one of working two jobs back-to-back and I’m feeling exhaustingly satisfied with my efforts.  The admin contract work I did tonight went well, after a slight hiccup because they forgot to ensure I had a temp ID and password to unlock my Windows desktop when I arrived.  I noodled around prepping docs for data entry while my supervisor tracked down the IT dude on his cell phone. He was able to access the system from his home office and get me up and running.

Compared to the mindnumbing crapfest of work I do during the day, this job is a little piece of heaven.  I enjoyed it in the past, but I’m really loving it now.  I was able to snag the same cube I worked in before (off in a nice quiet corner), and I made sure to bring in my headphones so I could listen to my favorite online radio station (“Cool Oldies”).  Took about 5 minutes for me to shake the cobwebs and recall all the little steps involved in entering this data, but once I got back into the swing of things, I was happily flying along, mouthing the words to my favorite oldies.

I was especially delighted to discover that my supervisor and I had the same rate of pay in mind, so I’ll be getting $12 an hour (pre-tax) as hoped. Yay! She’s going to put me on their payroll temporarily to save us both headaches. However, I discovered that payroll for the end of this month is already in process, which meant I wouldn’t get my paycheck until March 15th. Uh-oh.

When she asked “Willl that be ok with you?” I used the opportunity to ask if there was any way I could be paid any sooner. She replied she could talk to corporate and they could work out some type of manual paycheck advance next week, so from what I understand, the check should be cut on the Friday the 5th and I should receive it in the mail Saturday or Monday.  I certainly don’t want to cause them any payroll hassles this early in the game, but I also had no clue I’d have to wait over 2.5 weeks for my first paycheck either. The way I see, it never hurts to ask.  With any luck, the plan will go smoothly with the corporate office, and this money will be the key to paying off my remaining electricity bill.

I sometimes have to stand back and marvel at the amazing sense of timing in my financial matters as of late. The week before last, I was clueless as to how I was going to scrap up enough for rent, after shelling out all that money to play catch-up with the IRS.  So then what happened?  I went to work last Monday, feeling fine, and wound up feeling feverish, sore and headachey by lunchtime. I knew something was terribly wrong, but I tried to push on through. By 1:30 I gave up, talked to the boss (who was very understanding), stopped at the store for Nyquil and a few foodie nibs, got home and dove into bed, which is pretty much where I stayed for the next four days. I missed nearly an entire week of work, a $200 blow to my budget. $200 I had already “spent” in my head for upcoming bills, and even with that paycheck figured into things, I was still unsure how I’d manage to pay rent.

While I was curled up in bed all those days, suffering through something that felt like the flu, with an ice pick migraine to boot, I desperately tried not to think about my finances.  I haven’t been that sick in ages. Something was bound to catch up with me eventually. All I focused on was resting and getting better for the upcoming week. And, trying to avoid a $50 trip to the doctor, which I couldn’t afford, for meds I couldn’t afford, even if they were $4 generics from Kroger.

By Friday I seemed to turn a corner, when the fever broke and the migraine finally dissipated. I’d had the same feeling early on Wednesday, only to go downhill hours later, so I was very leery about being too excited I was on the mend. But this time, they didn’t come back.  I felt well enough (after a few more naps) to do my normal Friday nightly office cleaning, but I was nervous I was pushing myself. I could’ve easily called the client and delayed it till the weekend, but I didn’t want it hanging over my head. Plus, I didn’t want to start in with “hey, I know I said I’d be in Friday nights, but I’ve been sick and I’ll just show up over the weekend if that’s ok” crap only three weeks into this gig.  So I took it slow and tried not to over-exert myself (though I think my breaking out into a sweat — I think my temp was still a bit high — helped rid me of extra toxins).  I wrapped up in a little over an hour.  Little headed and groggy afterwards, but I took it easy over the weekend and felt better each day.

So (getting back to my original point regarding timing), I was dealt a big hit when this illness knocked me on my ass, but then this contract work comes precisely when I needed it the most!  I had planned on calling them anyway on Monday to find out the status of upcoming projects (could’ve easily been another month or so till they needed me), but to have a voicemail waiting for ME when I got home, I couldn’t believe it! Then to not only get the pay I was hoping for, but to wrangle a paycheck advance too?

Additionally, something I’ll touch on much more later, are my sales on Craigslist. I’d reposted an “Indoor Yard Sale” ad the weekend before I got sick, and had to turn everyone who emailed me from Monday on with “Sorry, I’m sick — will be in touch soon.”  (Fortunately, I managed to sell nearly $75 worth of items on Sunday though).  I was trying to scrape together funds over my recovery weekend to buy some groceries and gas for the coming week, when out of the blue, a gal who was considering buying my air purifier a week before contacted me again, asking if it was still available and if so, she was ready to pick it up for the price I was offering. No haggling, no nothing. She showed up exactly on time, had a quick look, seemed satisfied and handed me $50 in cold hard cash. Goddamn. That is the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. Well, besides hugs and puppy dogs and stuff. And sex. And the taste of ice cream on a hot day, or chili on a cold day. Etc. [Insert your best feeling in the world HERE]

But I digress…

Oddly, the day before perfect Craigslist customer landed on my doorstep with a wad o’ money, another gal who’d been going back and forth with me for over a week (while I was in a sick haze) about the same damn air purifier, finally wrote me this long ass story about how they really needed one without replaceable filters because they smoke and the companies make their money by forcing  people to replace filters and yadda fuckin’ yadda she’s not interested but thanks anyway. FINE. Not replying back would’ve sufficed. I know that bitch would’ve tried to haggle on the price anyway.

Another life lesson:  There’s a reason some shit doesn’t pan out. Sometimes it’s obvious very quickly, other times you’ll find out later, and many times, you’ll never know. Regardless, accept it and move ON.

This is how I choose to think about days when I’ve called in sick when I wasn’t really sick, or could’ve managed to get through a day, but simply didn’t feel like it (UNLIKE last week, might I add):  I think that when you can’t drag yourself out of bed or just can’t face the world, you have to listen to that feeling. There’s laziness, and there’s…hesitation. Something’s off.  Perhaps my not going into work saved my life, or someone else’s. I avoided a terrible car wreck, a speeding ticket I couldn’t afford, getting the flu from a co-worker or food poisoning from the cafeteria, a train collision, 9/11, running over someone’s dog, on and on.

You have to listen to your gut even when it doesn’t seem to make a bit of sense at the time. There are so many things you pick up on without realizing it.

Wow, how did I end up talking about this?  Perhaps I’m feeling some bad heebies over something?  I guess I always tend to think good things are balanced out by bad things and vice versa. Now that I’ve had a bit of good luck this week I’m thinking the tide will turn again?

Damn squirrely tide.

I’m off for the night, I think. Please wish me good heebies. I need them. In return, good heebies to YOU!

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So, let’s just dive right into the meat and potatoes, shall we?

At present, I am working 35 hours a week at a temp job that pays $8 an hour, which is only 75 cents above federal minimum wage.

I’m 39 years old, with a college education, and over 20 years of work experience.


Advantages of this particular temp gig:

  • At least I’m working
  • Short commute (approx. 3 miles each way)
  • No standing required
  • No stress
  • Close parking to building
  • Free, decent tasting coffee
  • Work day begins at 9, can leave as late as 8:52 am and still make it on time
  • Can leave precisely at 5 pm

Disadvantages of this particular temp gig:

  • Did I mention it pays $8 an hour?  After taxes, it works out to $6.93 an hour. Sweet Jesus.
  • I spend all day removing staples from membership packets and taping receipts to pieces of paper. No, I’m not kidding.
  • Breaks are unpaid and yours truly is a smoker (shuddup)
  • One hour lunch, which is way more time than I need, and makes it a 7 hour day, so I’m missing out on 5 hours of pay I desperately need in a week (Note: In order to work around the unpaid breaks/longer lunch than I need situation, I have adjusted my schedule to either one 15 minute morning break, a 30 minute lunch, and one 15 minute afternoon break…or four 15 minute breaks throughout the day, depending on what kind of mood I’m in). I’d talk to my supervisor about this, but…
  • The work atmosphere is a bit strange, with over-the-top security (more on that later)
  • Odd miscommunication issues between this company and my temp agency landed me into one very awkward conversation with my supervisor. I am still not sure they have sorted things out yet, but I’m sure the next awkward conversation will confirm this (just have a feeling). Again, more on this later.
  • My co-worker is…oh, how do I say this nicely?  “A hick drone” is the only phrase that comes to mind.
  • (Notice how I’m using longer sentences to describe the negative parts of this job?)
  • I have no idea when this gig will be done

I don’t want to get too sidetracked yapping about this job at the moment, but suffice to say, I’d like to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. Until something else better comes along, I’m stuck.

Now, in addition to temping, on Friday nights, I clean an office (very close to where I live) for $40 per cleaning (roughly 1.5 hours light work). An average month with four Fridays garners $160, paid in advance. I basically created this job out of thin air and desperation, which I’ll elaborate more on later. So far I have done 3 cleanings and so far, so good.

And, as I happily discovered today, the administrative contract work I was hoping to get was greenlit, and I’ll be putting in 10-15 extra hours this week at night (Tues through Thursday, possibly Friday as well), at a pay rate to be determined. Recently I temped for these folks for about a month, making $9 an hour (which means the agency was probably charging them $13 or more), so I’m hoping to get a rate of at least $12. It’s a non-profit, and the work is fairly easy data entry, so I don’t want to push it too much. I’ll have to play it by ear and see how the conversation goes. Most of all, I loved working for these folks, and I’m thrilled they called me. With any luck, more projects will follow.

My goals for the next 2 weeks are as follows:

  1. Pay off short-term loan of $50 to cash advance place (total with interest due is $58.82) by Thursday 2/25. No problem on this one. I’ve got the dough.
  2. Come up with rent money ($730) by March 5 (last possible date to pay without incurring $50 late fee). I think I’ve figured out how I can manage this…
  3. Scrape up past due amount ($164.42) on February electricity bill to avoid disconnection. I was able to push out the “final” date from today to March 5. The same day rent is due!  WHEE!  This one is gonna be the real bitch, BUT, with the contract work I landed, I might be able to swing it.
  4. Find a way to pay the IRS my $75 monthly installment sometime after I get 2 & 3 taken care of (it’s already overdue by a few days). I just coughed up $225 two weeks ago for missing several months in a row, so I hate the fact I’m behind once again. More on my issues with IRS later…
  5. Mail in my check for $24 to the water company, which is nearly 2 weeks overdue.

There’s so much more I want to add to this post to flesh out my situation (and how I wound up here), but it’s getting late and I’ve got a long week ahead of me.  Time to bunky down, peeps. Catch ya on the flip side.

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